Midwest Folk Rock

Growing up, Benjamin Scott was enthralled by his mother's collection of old soul, rock and folk records. This led him to take up piano and guitar at a young age, always writing songs throughout childhood.

Today, he wears his influences proudly (John Craigie, Allen Stone, The Wood Brothers), and has crafted a sound that is uniquely his own, yet familiar in the same way catching up with an old friend is familiar. Recent years have brought Scott's sound into the indie-country realm, never straying too far from the sound of one voice and an acoustic guitar. Stripped back, his music feels more like an old story told around a campfire or a contemporary American folktale that only you're privy to.

Scott continues to play and tour the country with hard funk band Glass Bandit as a vocalist and rhythm guitar player. You can find him and the band around Austin, Texas. He continues to write, grow, and craft timeless stories that embody the American Midwest. Listen and learn more by connecting with Benjamin on socials and streaming platforms.